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new Instructable not showing up Answered

I posted a new instructable a few days ago - https://www.instructables.com/id/Bacon-Pop-Biscuits/ but it had almost no views and wasn't sent out as an update or anything to any of my subscribers. If you go to my member page here: https://www.instructables.com/member/HollyMann/ it doesn't show up there either. :( Not sure if i am posting this in the right spot..but hopefully I am! Thanks for your help in advance..I've never had this happen.


Hi Can anyone help me out. I submitted this instructable on 14th April https://www.instructables.com/id/EWX8K2BHFD1K241/ still shows unpublished.

It shows as unpublished because it *is* unpublished.

You can tell from the address: when it's published, those random-looking letters change to actual words taken from the project's title.

Did you go through the actual [Publish] process, or did you just save your last edited version? If you did, then the I'ble would show up on your public member page, and it does not.

Hi Can anyone help me out. I submitted this instructable on 14th April https://www.instructables.com/id/EWX8K2BHFD1K241/ still shows unpublished.

I think I've also tripped a filter or something my latest ible is not showing up. The only thing I can think of is it has MP3 in the text. is that enough to get blocked?
can some one tell me if they can see it?

It's been cleared, you should see it indexed in the next few minutes. The title is descriptive enough, but I think a sentence in the intro detailing what you have made would help

Thanks mikeasaurus I was trying to do something new with the sound thing. seems to work ok I hope you like it

I can see other potential filter triggers there. No, I'm not going to tell you what they are ;-p

If I knew what those potential triggers were - i would tell you! I will check it out more later...Kiteman, do you work for Instructables?

For my instructable, I had an affiliate link in it. I spoke with someone who worked for the site and she said it was fine and fixed my issue.

I don't work as an employee (although I would love to, I'm on the wrong continent).

I'm one of the Community Team, volunteers who help out around the place, especially when Californians are in bed.

Ive had nothing but trouble with this Instructable, I lost the text a number of times, the Instructables site went down in the middle of a big edit, and I had trouble with uploading photos, several times and then the name changed to jury-rig contest, Now this....
at lest tell me you can hear the potential filter triggers :-)


5 years ago

It happened to me too...only some of my subscribers got to view this https://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-DIY-Bent-Plywood-Light-Fixtues/ but it didn't come in the workshop.. I emailed Penolope and she said it had got stuck because of spam  and she pushed it through...
I think the same happened to you
good luck in the contest...will vote for you :-)

Yeah, I usually see things when they have issues, but I don't remember seeing anything wrong with Bacon Pops.

When you are looking at your member page, it just shows your most recently featured projects, if you click here then you will see all of your Instructables starting with the most recent.  Also, I'm following you and I was notified that it was published :)  I'm not sure why other people wouldn't have been notified.

Hi Penolopy - thanks for the comment and help! I didn't see this until now! It was a link I had in it - but Jessy helped me fix it!

Hi holly,

I got an email today about the bacon pops, and the link seems to be working for me.