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new accounts Answered

instructables should have a thing so if some one is band that they can not have the same name and make a new account.


Well if they banned them from Instructables, they probably wouldn't want them on this website..

I think they do (it's called people who check).

If you're talking about banning specific ISP addresses or email addresses, that wouldn't work - all the perpetrator has to do is create a new email address and use a different PC. Some ISPs issue constantly-changing addresses anyway.

I prefer to think that a banned individual would take heed of the lesson, and mend their ways with a new account, because if they didn't their new account would be closed as well.

i just found out he has been baned 4 times

you think they would be nicer. but in reality because they can just keep making new accounts they dont care.

It takes much more time to create the account than it does to ban ;) I just checked... it is a new account... instead of using an "l" he's using an "i" - which appears as an l when commenting... tricky.... Just flag and move on ;)

Simpler than getting a new compy, actually, for a lot of people. I know at least that all I have to do is flip my router off and then on again to get a new IP address.

sorry, i'am crap with computers. those guys on the E and W forum are REAL strict, I don't even try to post, I just read.

The only way I guess would be to block their IP address. But then they possibly could come back through a proxy.

Hell bans are my favorite. You automatically add them to the ignore list of every member (And everyone that joins) so that no one ever sees their posts, messages, etc. and they rarely ever find out.

Cant they like block your ip address or sumtin?

apperently not because stevelution got a new account. it makes me mad because he gives all the knex instructables bad ratings(thats why he got baned).

If he's still doing it (and how do you know? You can't tell who gave a + or - unless you are an admin), then PM one of the High-Ups and let them know.

People who gave a + are listed under "they like it" I think.

That's people who have Favourited the 'ible, I think.

Send a copy of that message to Eric, Canida, Noahw etc.

IIRC, he wasn't banned for the negative ratings - it was his comments ;) Plenty of people give projects negative ratings... As far as IPs are concerned.... that only works if you have a static IP. In most cases, you pay more to get a static IP... If you're on dial-up - it's dynamic... Most DSL connections are dynamic in addition to cable etc. You can block a range, but if the person is connecting via a university, library, etc. You're killing off your viewers :/ IP banning is typically not the way to go ;)