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new contest layout Answered

Wow a new layout again! Nice. I'm not sure which i actually prefer. Which did you like best? by the way: Look for my instructable among the other great instructables in the photojojo contest! I dont watn to tell you the name or give you a link, that way, you'll look through other i'bles first! There's a LOT of great i'bles there. As much as I'd like and need that wifi card, there are others much more deserving. so go out there and vote vote vote! May the best instructable win!


i think its good, when more instructables are entered, then more a shown in the contest page.

I'm resistant to change when it comes to instructables. Whenever there's a major change to the layout, I hate it for the first few days, and then get used to it. I guess I just don't like feeling unfamiliar with it.

oops: image coming.