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new drop-down link not working on safari with the iPad2 Answered

When I touch the "you" button I get a drop down menu that does not work.
I click "you" then "you profile" it takes me to tech shop. (the button on tech shop works)

If I click "you" then click "inbox" it activates the search box underneath the drop down menu...

Anything on that drop down menu does not work... it just makes the menu dis-appear and touches whatever is under the drop down...


YAY! It is fixed!!! Great job.... I like the new design.

Same issue when you select items per page. The menu vanishes with no change. Chrome on iPad acts similar.

I figured i would bump this to the top again... Since the "iPhone" app is out, this still isnt fixed...

Having the same problem as others here, except I found a work-around that might help.

To access your personal section add /you to the instructables URL, as in instructables.com/you

Alternatively you can hold your finger down on your avatar/you link in he top right corner and select 'Open' or 'Open in a new tab'.

Not a perfect solution, but better than not having access.

Thanks for letting us know. We're looking into a fix for this, but our efforts are currently focused on developing an iOS app. This issue will be resolved in an upcoming site update soon.

No problem... In the mean time, for those that use their iPad. what you can do is access an email you received from them. Somewhere in the email there should be a link to "in-box" or "backtalk" that will allow access your "you" page. Once you get there you can "add to home screen" to access it directly. Hope this helps.


5 years ago

Did this ever get resolved? I too am having the same problem with my iPad.

That is...when I want to view "You" the selections are just above TechShop and I get sent there instead. Thanks!

No. I still get the same thing as well. The only way I have found to get into the "you" page, is through a link from an e-mail i have received from them...

Now when i go to the tech shop to access my profile, that button is no longer functioning. And now that the button is missing, i cant upoad a pic to show you... Ayway. I cant access my profile from my ipad... I have to go on the computer

this sucks.. there is no link (that works) to access my page from my ipad now..

Thanks for reporting this, we're investigating this.

You've been patched! Thanks for reporting this, please let me know if you find more!

The "flag" drop-down menu is also non-functioning on a touch-screen device.

(Clarification: flag menu on projects, when using the "full site" option.)


5 years ago

Ditto on my iPad. Drop down only clicks through to what's beneath--the fender repair Instructable stats probably look pretty hot... ;-)

I have the same issue on an iPod, using Safari under iOS6.1

Plus, if you scroll to the bottom of an instructable in the mobile site and click the "full site" link, instead of going to the full-site version of the instructable, you get taken to the fron page.

Plus, the "flag" drop-down menu doesn't work when looking at the full site on my iPod. It will drop down, but not register that I hit any of the options.

I came here to start a forum topic on this but saw that somebody did. I have been having the same problem. It just goes to to the link for whatever is behind the drop down menu.