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new electronic project Answered

have just started a new electronics project that i have been thinking about for ages. this is the basic idea, i am going to give someone a christmas "present" at a party which will , when i press a remote button, deliver a small 450 volt shock( very low ampage, i've made shockers before). i am disassembling a remote control car and will fit either a relay connected to the shocker circuit or perhaps the shock circuit itself to where the motor was. assuming all works correctly it should be very funny, i will be working on an instructable of how it was done. thanks for reading, tell me what you think.


Not too funny if the recipient has a heart condition? Test thoroughly multiple times on yourself before giving it to others.

don't worry i am going to use a few variable resistors to make sure that the voltage is as low as possible while still giving a shock, also to limit the ampage to almost 0( i know the damage that even half a milliamp can cause). and i would be a coward if i did not test it on myself first.

An evil idea. Hopefully the sort of "prank" that would get you floored by a well aimed punch.