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new energy source idea for slingshot mechs Answered

I was considering the idea of using bracelets looped together as a higher power energy source in one of the stronger knex slingshots, please give me your input on this idea, and tell me if it is worth trying.


I suppose this is the equivalent of using a really tight rubberband. Though, unless the bracelets are rather stretchy, I don't think it will be as powerful.

Yeah good points, I thought since they were stiffer they might have more power.

The farther the bands stretch (while still being tight), the more power they will get, I think. I'm pretty sure that's how you get the most power out of crossbows. Still, good idea, but unless they'll stretch when tied together, I don't think it'll be too powerful.

Thanks, yeah it probably wont be all that powerful, but I think i'll still give it a shot.

Why not just use a bungie cord or those really big rubberbands that are used on slingshots.

Bungie cord = Fail. Unless your gun VERY strong and VERY well designed.

nvm I didnt see your name HE said he wanted a high power energy source.

You said you wanted a high power energy source.