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new guitar Answered

I just ordered a new guitar+amp. Any ideas on what I can do to mod or personalize them?


Well if it's just a cheapy little 30-60 watt amp, then there isn't a whole lot you can do. Sometimes when you get the bigger amps, and usually higher quality comes with the higher wattage amps, you can mod the reverb boxes a bit. As far as the guitar? Get a high quality cable for it, trust me it's worth the investment, cheapy cables ALWAYS come apart at the connectors. You could paint the guitar itself if you have any artistic skill. Stencil and spray paint even?

I just made a pretty cool stencil yesterday. Thanks for the tips on the cable. I'm a new guitarist so I don't know these things yet.

an easy way to test if your cable is crap is to wiggle it where it connects to the guitar with the amp on. if you hear a crackling sound, its crap. you dont want it staining your guitar.

drill holes in it and put leds in it, ad one more switch for the leds and tadaa! maybe you can add some sort of item that makes the leds flash on the music or something.

i got a $900 dollar godin elecric guitar with emg pickups and a 100 watt behringer amp with 60 built in effects. anyways after showing off a bit heres what u do to make it ur own... step 1 just solo, make riffs, be creative, do ur own stuff and make the guitar your own by your one and only sound..a sound that no one else has.. -the guitar player shows more personal virtues than the guitar he plays