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new image notes can barely been seen Answered

the new image note style where there are only 4 little dots in the corners of the image note is really hard to see, let alone if there are a few adjacent image notes (it's harder to see which is which), and let alone if the background is white or a bright color. i really don't like this new image not style. i liked the simple old yellow boxes the most. they were the best ever... also, the new way to view images on instructables is really uncomfortable. i have a few instructables with pages that have a lot of pictures, and now the pages are just endless. once again, the older way was much much better, if you ask me. please consider bringing them back.


Image notes can be seen by a small icon in the top right of any picture that has notes on them (see the bottom right image of this project as an example). this icon means there's a note attached this image, something that was not viewable in our previous version.

We're still testing things out after this release, so you might just see the yellow boxes make a reappearance!

yes, you can know if a picture has an image note or not, but as for spotting the actual location of the image note, and the task made harder by a bright background or multiple adjacent notes, it is just too hard, and very uncomfortable, while the old yellow boxes (which i would be thrilled to see up here again) were much better. they were also better in the editing. you could add image notes when not in edit mode, and it was generally much slicker and much more comfortable to add notes. i realize that the possible return of the yellow boxes does not necessarily mean the return of the old editing and rest of the script as well, but i'm just saying that imo the site is getting worse with each "upgrade", and i'd much rather have the older, simpler site. i also know of quite a few other people who agree.

ok nevermind... you changed it back to boxes, white ones, but boxes nonetheless. anyway, i would still vouch for returning the scrolling picture view, and not this chart kind of thing picture view, because of the reasons noted here, which i completely agree with.

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