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new knex gun coming out acctualy it out now name: morretti SR-4 Answered

The gun that can shoot better than Gorkems sniper ,and looks much cooler.

here is a link

pic 1 ,2 ,3 ,4,and 5 are all old now.

1st pic is the gun it will be ,sorry it's such a small pic they don't have any bigger ones. ) :

2nd pic is a close up of the scope kinda dark sorry.

3rd pic is it with the new butt/stock ,and for grip.

4th pic is tit with a new barrel that still needs work ,and the for grip is a better color.

5th pic I added a bi-pod it can fold up it's awesome its not fragile ether!

6th pic it now shoots gray rods and can shoot through hardly damp shoe boxes from 15 ft away ,and normal card board at 3 ft. away. and it has a new bi-pod taking inspiration from (knex sniper rifle)s bi-pod it works great now I got my sister to shoot it and she hates knex

7th pic It has a newer stronger bi-pod ,and a clip flap.

11th pic just a speciall thing you can add to make it reely beastly it still shoots just as good like that wich is awesome.

I now added a flap to close up the mag and changed the front sight.

Breaking news I got it to shoot 50ft ,7in. without aiming up I think its the best gun ever.

More breaking news I got it to shoot 64 ft. and 5 in. by aiming it up at a 40* angle ,but you
won't want to do that it is allot more fun to shoot something 15-20 ft. away without aiming up.
It also shot in to an apple and 2 layers of bubble rap not to big of a deal.

The mag uses 4 decapitated gray connectors ,or 2 orange connectors because you get two if you use orange connectors.

It can use two square plates the size of a yellow rod from corner to corner ,and 2 triangle ones the size of a yellow rod on the biggest side.


What's that gun in the fist image? It looks like an oversized sci-fi shotgun!

It is the Mossreti SR-4, AKA a sniper from a videogame [BattleField2142]

It's a sniper rifle and it's called the morrettie it's from Battlefield 2142. I have an instructable for it on my home page.

no knex gun that shoots rods can shoot more than 45 ft ever so don't listen to people wen they say my gun can shoot 100 ft.

hey my knex guns shoot about 60 feet. i have a tape mesrse that is 65 feet

have u dun any range testing yet?? cuse it looks powerful + does it have a magazine?

yeah it has a magazine it dosn't work to well yet though the gun is still under allot of progress.

This gun is looking pretty good.

every one it is coming the instructions are 2/5ths done!

its up now isn't it, i clicked on your name and made the first comment on the gun, right now i am building.


10 years ago


is it that good? although it is the best gun on the sight I think. Jayme sais of course it is!

Sweet! I love BF2142! But don't download the 1.40 beta patch, it is very flawed and nobody has downloaded it. And I believe it is called the Morretti SR-4

it looks like it has some mods from gorkoms rifle!

no offence, but i actually think the gun is getting aesthetically worse as you improve performance.

No not what I'm doing its working so much better now that I made it like this.

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that would make it shoot allot farther if the mettle pin hit a mettle shot.


10 years ago

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