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knex rollercoaster cart with a cam built in Answered

knex have made a new micro knex rollercoaster cart that as a camura built in!!! the cart has a cam on the bottem of the front of the car and comes with a computer lead witch you plug into the bottem of the cart to see a video if your rollercoasters pov( not so sure what pov means bit it is what the front passenger on a rollercoaster sees when riding) on your computer!!!

i found all this out from the gadget show on TV. i dont know how much it will cost or when its coming out or if it is only coming in sets

ok i have found out this set has been out for a long time in the USA but i live in the UK  and had no idea it was this old.     


Thats been out for ages man, how long since you came out of your cage?!

Its cos i live in UK it hasnt come out yet

Oh...it not came out in uk yet. Il change the title next time i go on my laptop( might be a while as going on disny cruise in 2 days)...Are you the one that now has hiyadudes account??

Yes you are i just checked the forum Link https://www.instructables.com/community/Quitting-as-of-now/

Oh it was someone i forget the name of but the official hiyadudez is gone now

Oh so now we can make a Corner Shot model?

Uhhh...i Dont understand??? If you are in U.S.A then none of this realy matters to you

"POV" means "Point of View" - you're watching as if you are in the car.

oh, thanks i thought the P would stand for passenger

ok im not to sure how new this is now but i found a set with it in on amozen heres the link: http://www.amazon.com/Knex-Extreme-View-Video-Coaster/dp/B002VZ50IE if you get one please tell me what its like

ok i cant find a vid on youtube but i will try to find another vid somewhere else