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new sniper Answered

this in my new sniper it only uses like 110 yellows it uses a new firing system made by me and is more reliable than the sr-v1 range; have not tested power: it can pierce cardboard at like 40 or more feet


Yeah, now i have to say i believe you about the whole "I didn't mean to copy it" Thing, now that I'm in the same position

the thing is i came up with it on out looking at yours or even his so we just had the same idea and and if we said you know how well that will go over because you cant all ways trust peaple

Huh? Well we both know that we did not mean to copy each other, But we can't prove it, soo were both kinda stuck

what eve you know i does not make a differences it just means we had the same idea we cant prove it but we now the truth

Dude, that wasn't an insult or something that should offend you.

it didnt i just like saying what eve

ps if you duck tape the y connector to the orange it holds a lot more power

by the way ur fins dont have to b so big this size is a good balance of stability and the least amount of air resistance


ya but i use duck tape so when it goes thought the card board it does not brake as easily


9 years ago

Firing mech looks alright, but I don't think it can hold that much power..

i think ive seen that mech b4 oh well looks good


well i thought of it my self one day with out looking online so i guess we just had the same idea. i swear!

Have you ever heard of copyright (C)? Joking. It doesn't exist on here. Same thing with Miles tails full auto knex gun with a true trigger. I had an idea very similar to that. But Miles got it first. So can i have credit please?

Actually you do have the right to claim rights to your instructables. It depends on the license you give it.

Also, I see the trigger is Really similar

Lol holy crap! Power 10/10 Accuracy 10/10 Mobility -5/10 Shooting someone with this Priceless/10

Now imagine an environment that either consists of a lot of hallways and obstacles (which you shouldn't be using a sniper for but just imagine) or a forest environment with branches sticking out everywhere and plants growing high. Or try carrying this thing with you ready to fire while in a vehicle. I know all are unrealistic for knex but overall if it were a real weapon you get the picture.

you got a point there what eve hey you should try to make a slingshot sniper

Hey yeah I know. I'm going to post the UMP and then I'm making a Semi auto, bullpup mag fed, slingshot W2000. Sound pretty cool huh?

is the bipod yours or is it mepains

i dont know just a lot of peaple use it