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(newsletter) USB Power Strip, IKEA Hack, Macbook Upgrade... Answered

Instructables - The World's Biggest Show & TellAug 28, 2008Instructables Robot
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Instructables HQ was attacked by zombies! See all the gruesomepictures and video here, then drag your reanimated corpseover to enter ourzombie caption contest.


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Strong wall-mounted bicycle repair stand

Strong wall-mounted bicycle repairstand
byheaddeadHow to illustrate your Instructable
How to illustrate your Instructable
byKaptinScarletAmazon Kindle e-ink Screen Transplant
Amazon Kindle e-ink ScreenTransplant
byblakebevinFaux Stained Glass
Faux Stained Glass
Instructables HQ attacked!

IKEA Hack-a-Lack

IKEA Hack-a-Lack
byarne hendriksEasy Spicy - Yummy Baked Tofu
Easy Spicy - Yummy Baked Tofu
byhomesteadcatBuild a simple Marx Generator
Build a simple Marx Generator
byPlasmanaBalancing Robot
Balancing Robot
Backyard Terrace

Backyard Terrace
bycarkatComputer scroll wheel with bearings
Computer scroll wheel with bearings
by42ndOddityPortobello Burger with Grilled Feta
Portobello Burger with Grilled Feta
byitschrysUpgrade Your Macbook Hard Drive
Upgrade Your Macbook Hard Drive
Top 10 Instructables tohelp
get ready for class

USB Controlled Power Strip

USB Controlled Power Strip
bytoymotorheadGift Box from a Cereal Box
Gift Box from a Cereal Box
byblightdesignHow not to block cameras
How not to block cameras
byrandofoRevive an older din 5 keyboard
Revive an older din 5 keyboard
Now go make somethingawesome, and I'll see you next week!
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10 years ago

Why was this posted on Saturday?


Reply 10 years ago

Yeah, but usually it's posted on Thursday.


Reply 10 years ago

seems to be working for me--i guess it got fixed. thanks for helping out and kudos on the quick fix, whoever is responsible.


Reply 10 years ago

Indeed, it's working fine for me aswell so I'd assume it's fixed... Impressive fixing skills...