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"nice" Answered

What is the "nice" way of saying:

This is clearly a repost.
This has been done to death.
There is nothing original about it.
Your guide added nothing to what has already been shared.

Hey everyone, let's each go post our own duct tape wallet guides!


Remind us, how many projects have you contributed?

None posted here so far. Rather than going ahead and doing a half-a$$ed job or reposting something for the simple purpose of increasing a post count, I've opted not to. If I cannot justify it completely meeting the criteria by which guides SHOULD BE ABLE TO BE rated on (originality, usefulness, ingenuity, feasibility), I'm not going to waste anyone's time.

More people need to adopt the policy of "do it right, or don't to it at all".
Also, quality over quantity.

By all means, if you want to see more 0.5 (zero if possible) out of 5 star guides, I can churn them out in my sleep.

Six years a member, and no ideas?

It's only my personal opinion, but I think it's a bit off to complain about the contributions of others when you haven't published any projects of your own.

If you want to improve the quality of projects posted, the best way is to set an example, posting good projects of a quality that others will aspire to. Complaining in the forums achieves little (in this case), because most authors do not read the forums (eg, this topic has hac 49 views as I type, most of them down to the same small group of people visiting several times).

Again, it has nothing to do with a lack of ideas. It's the fact that they've already been done, the ideas are not worthy of making a guide for, or it would only apply to a very select few. If drabble is what the community wants, drabble they shall receive.

-How to mow a lawn
-How to make a milkshake
-How to make a paper airplane
-How to dig a hole
-How to make firewood

Apparently that is the direction the site owners have chosen to take since removing the option to give honest feedback through number ratings and not allowing comments that are critical in any way.

Back to the original question. What would be a serious, positive, constructive comment to someone posting another PB&J guide?


I don't know why we're having this argument, because you are simply wrong.

If you shoot down new authors and demand that their projects be removed from the site, then you will, inevitably, put off potentially valuable individuals.

For instance, have you seen my first project? If I had not had a constructive response to it, I doubt we would be having this conversation now.

Just use the following rule:
"If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything."

Unless the instructable is of itself in some way malicious (stolen from someone else or something), if you feel your comment would not add anything positive to the situation then don't comment. I personally don't really care for knex or anything made of them, but I don't rage at the posts, I just pass them by and go for posts I do like :)

+1 We share this site with little children. Complaining about how many of their projects are posted is not positive.

If you find a similar site that does not allow children please send it along....

1) Given that there have been contests devoted to single themes, you're argument is misplaced.

2) How do you know which method, or which presentation, is the best?

There's a big difference there. Take the BBQ contest.

There may be multiple guides about cooking ribs, albeit all with different variations, ways of cooking, or special ingredients for the purpose of standing out from other submissions. That's all fine and good.

However, how many guides do there need to be for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Honestly. There is a point at which things reach a certain level of monotony that it automatically comes off as being worthless.

Feel free to use the flagging system, then, if you really want to ask Staff to remove the "worthless" content.


5 years ago

Just move on.