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ninja weapons Answered

discuss about the many different ninja weapons and gear!


how about stealth and speed?

daggers are best but there are specail ninja swords that are usualy made from black steel to hide em better in dark shadows, they are like katanas but they are like almost half the length for easy drawing.

Also, you did forget to mention that Ninja-to are straight and don't have the characteristcal curve of a Katana. Another fact that is forgotten is that the sheath is longer than the actual blade itself to give the illusion of a longer blade, and, when put into the sheath, can be used as a climbing tool. Regards, Jehosephat

Nope. Real Ninjato is basically a wakizashi blade fitted in a katana koshirae. It does not have a square tsuba and all that crud, it is curved, and no, it's not used as a climbing tool. A real Ninjato is like the one used by Soke Hatsumi of Bujinkan, it is curved and is basically a wakizashi blade mounted in katana fittings. You're right about the saya being longer to give that 'long blade' illusion, but you were wrong about everything else.

Excuse me, but you are incorrect on that fact. While Sote Hatsumi did use a sword as you have mentioned, traditionally it did have a square tsuba, was straight, and the saya was used as a climbing tool. If not, then why are there so many numerous volumes of books that have been thoughroughly researched and all have supported the Ninja-to as I have described? Even Steve K. Hayes, the Grandmaster of American Ninjutsu, whom was taught by Grandmaster Hatsumi of the Tokagure-ryu, one of the oldest surviving Ninjutsu-ryu in the world, and even he supports the claim of my above described Ninja-to. If you really want to make a claim that your version is the correct one, please get a degree in Asian Culture & History like myself, and present factual evidence. I hope this is informative to you, Jehosephat

Hay umm the saya is the holder thing for the katanas thing I can't remember what part it is egsactly so you would know from explaining

Well, in all seriousness the particular shape of the tsuba doesn't matter. And no, Soke Hatsumi's Oniyuri Ninjato is not straight. It is a wakizashi blade mounted on a katana koshirae. Oh, and how have Hatsumi supported your claim in any way? Are you saying you're a close friend of his? Sounds like a big load of bull.... for me. Have you ever even seen Hatsumi's Ninjato? Have a link for the pic: http://www.tanakabuki.com/images/cimage/oniyuri.jpg

Notice the CURVED wakizashi blade mounted on the katana koshirae.

First off, I don't think a Grandmaster would advertise thier swords on Argentinian websites, for anybody can make a claim to what it is. Next, either Steven K. Hayes or Hatsumi sensei's books supports my traditional version, and, if they do use a weapon as you have described, does not make a claim that all Ninja use it and may be just an aesthetic choice by them. Furthermore, you have to consider the Ninja's humble origins of peasant farmers, and in all eventuality, stole samurai swords and other weapons and modified them according to their needs. Later on however, they studied these swords and invented a way to make their own specialized weapons. Ninja-to can both be the Ninja's sword or "utilitarian bush knife" if you will. Finally, I do not want this discussion to get out of hand and cause both of us doing something regrettable. Regards, Jehosephat

I think both have a point!
on the one hand, the ninjato Oniyuri, is a creation of Hatsumi sensei (not that model ninjato exisitio as such)
ninjato were both, straight blade as curved blade, even used from katanas to wakizashi.
in fact, the ninja sword Adapted tohis needs.
and every ninja was different.
can see a picture on my site, www.tanakabuki.com ,a wakizashi that has the blade inside the tsuka ...
with respect to shikomi zue, you can see photos of originals here ..
By the way, I am a practitioner of Bujinkan, Hatsumi student, and built replicas of weapons I saw in the house of Soke Hatsumi ...
Greats from Argentina!

"First off, I don't think a Grandmaster would advertise thier swords on Argentinian websites, for anybody can make a claim to what it is." Fail. I can provide lots of links to pictures of Hatsumi's Ninjato (the exact same one as I showed you), not only that one site. Links I can provide you include reviews from people who bought this sword and testimonials from sword experts. Steven K. Hayes supports you? Well, maybe. But Hatsumi Sensei? I doubt it. Look man, there are five authentic Ninjato types, and I know three. First, the Ninjato I described above, second is the saw-sword, Shikorogatana, and the reverse-mounted Gyaku-ni Wakizashi. Source? Hatsumi's DVDs. PM me if you wish to know more.

"I can provide lots of links to pictures of Hatsumi's Ninjato..." You Fail. That does not sound very intellegent, I sounds like something a 12 year old would say. Jehsephat sounds like he has alot of facts and that he knows what He's talking about.

Why do I fail? It's the friggin truth. I have other arguments backing me up besides that. I don't think my argument should be corrected by a guy that posted something about nunchaku in a ninja thread, because NINJA. DOESN'T. USE. NUNCHAKU. And who are you to say I have less information? If you will just browse the thread, you can clearly see me giving Jehosephat information on Togakure senban and kusari-fundo, something he doesn't know about but I do.

I never said ninja used nun-chucks, I just came in hereto talk about martial arts wepons.

Ok, but you're in no position to say that I failed.

While those statements are correct, you do forget that Hatsumi sensei's sword can be of a personal choice, and there is no claim that it is the basic weapon for all Ninjas. Also, never saw that Gyaku-ni Wakizashi, so thank you for the new information on that. Oh, and what do you exactly mean by PM? (Not familiar with all the new lingo going about nowadays). Thank you, Jehosephat

Dude, c'mon, I thought you knew better. The straight Ninjato is a Hollywood product made sometime in the 70's. Most if not all hardcore Ninjutsu enthusiasts know of this. A PM is a personal message, kinda like an e-mail you can send in Instructables.

Ah ok I'll look into that feature (must have missed it in this website...)
But, IF, and only IF, it is a Hollywood product, then how come there are sword-canes, also known as a katana shinobi-zue, existed in the 17th Century and is possibly a variation of the ninja-to?
Here's an image of actual shinobi using such weapons:

This comes from a book that I own written by Stephen K. Hayes.
It's called The Ninja and Their Secret Fighting Art .
It's really just a short autobiography of his training and a BASIC overview of Ninjutsu.
Check it out, it has some interesting facts.


I do know what shinobizue are, but FYI they are not always swords. They might also be a weighted chain concealed on a cane or other forms of weapons. The sword shape is straight because in all seriousness it won't really look like it's bamboo if it's curved and ninja can make do without a curved blade. And Hayes isn't exactly the most informed instructor there is, despite his status.... Especially not at the past, he's not....

I realize that shinobi-zue is just a broad term for concealed weapons in staffs.
and I'm saying it is straight because it is a derivative from the 'ninja-to' as i describe.
Plus, you are supporting me in saying 'ninjas can make do without a curved blade'.
And, by you saing that there is a straight sword can give evidence to a ninja-to that has a straight blade.
And you cannot discount Hayes entirely, because it is he who is the pioneer in bringing the shinobi world to us,
Technically, he 'colonized' ninjitsu to the U.S. and, in turn, other parts of the world.

Japanese straight sword: Chinese swords that were imported to Japan, otherwise called Chokuto.

Yes, I know that also, & what if the were imported? The ninja could just as easily have stolen those because of easier acess to them than a katana, because, if you remember correctly, ninja clans couldn't afford swordsmiths to make katanas. Plus, the only places to get a katana were from either stealing from a samurai or stealing from a swordsmith. The latter would be trying to steal a gun from a gunshop; it's suicide. But stalk & ambush an anaware samurai on the road,...you'd maybe have a 60% success rate. Plus, if you didn't have weapons to begin with & were trying to get one, why not get some less-guarded, ready-made cheaper swords instead of risking life & limb? Remember, it doesn't matter who makes whatever you want, it's the easiest way of getting to it. It works the same in economics, look that up. Jehosephat

a Wakizashi is the "Knife" that samurai used to commit suicide.

You must not know jack crud about Japanese weapons. The knife that samurai used to commit suicide is called tanto. Wakizashi is the samurai's secondary weapon, somewhat shorter than the katana but not as short as the tanto.

If you really want stealth and speed, you can try using either blowguns or bows. Yes, I know what you're thinking, bows are not related to the Ninja-style. But historically, Ninjas were masters of all weapons, and that did include bows, contrary to popular belief. Both of the above described weapons are silent, deadly, and fast. The only difference between the two is penetration and range. Poisoned, tranquilizing, or barbed tips add a nice touch Hope this helps, Jehosephat

But I thought more towrds the 1800's Ninjas Started using Cross bows?

Yes, but I never did mention crossbows, but they are far more accurate than the standard bow. And the shinobi have always used bows & blowguns, since the 1500s (I think...not entirely sure on that). But in all, unless you want to stick to a certain time period, weapons choice does't matter; the ninja have always had one objective: to complete the mission at all costs. Weapons & gear are just tools to make the job easier. Regards, Jehosephat

Here if this helps then no time period I'm a ninja in a spence my weapon is fast and stealthy cuz it a .50 cal lol

Um actually ninjas did use bows a lot

you do know that you dont have to sign your name at the end of the comment right?

This is true. Ninja were skilled in using Yumi (the traditional Japanese bamboo longbow) and Fukiya (traditional Japanese bamboo blowgun).


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did ninjas not eventually start to use matchlock guns?

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not sure how "Ninja" it is but i did do a commission on a Katar for a person. it was pretty cool and Ninja-e. can be found on my deviant art site. http://deathatsix.deviantart.com/art/Aza-Katar-84207661


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sherken (throwing star)

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Hey everybody! I have just posted a new forum & I'm hoping all of you could check it out & spread the word. Thank you for your cooperation, Jehosephat

Did anyone ever heard of a rope dart or a meteor hammer? I though it looked cool. I once made a homemade rope dart & practiced at it, it was pretty fun actually. Also, has anyone heard of the Chinese whip? Looks difficult to master, and seems quite dangerous as well, but it does look awesome.