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ninja wepons Answered

Hi im wondering about a few ninja weapons one is how to make a senbon i looked but i coouldn't find any guides and two how to make good cheap caltrops


If you want caltrops that work, simply bend two nails at 90o, link the nails together (bend inside bend) and weld.

What's a "senbon", though? I googled, but all I got was stuff about 1000 Cherry Trees, which doesn't sound much like a ninja weapon.

Have you ever had to dodge 1000 ninja thrown cherry trees?

Haha - so ninjas are really tree surgeons? And the masks are surgical equipment?

No, there ninjas, they just pick up and throw. Just make sure you have the liquid blade of the three deserts with you.

I believe the first of it is in place?

The liquid blade of the three deserts is the name of a sword im making, its name may have inspired other things.

a senbon is a long needle like weapon that you can throw and penatrate 1inch thick wood with enough force

I dont have access to any kind of welding equpment and don't put a candle i've already tried that lol

There's a lock-pick instructable that suggests hardening a paperclip by heating it to red heat with a blow torch and then dunking it in water. Maybe you hammer a piece of steel to a point, then heat/cool it, then file the tip to a needle point?

i cant get a blow torch all i can get is a candle

Possibly - give it a try.  If it doesn't work, all you've lost is a paperclip.

they aren't really called senbons..senbon means 1000 needles. they are called bo shurikens