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nintendo DSI black for sale - reduced Answered

i am selling my nintendo DSI black witch includes all of the following:
DSI console
charger lead
5 stylus's (2 of which are extendible)
black case
2 game cartridge storage cases
all of the manuals
the original box
and comes fully charged so you can play quicker

it costs £69 for everything you see with free postage and packaging. I will only post it to to people in the UK. it is in a good working condition and has been tested. it is PAL format.

if you have any questions or you would like to buy it then please leave a comment or private message me.


Sorry eveyone but i have already sold and need to delete this forum on the computer which i cant do from my ipod.

Oh its a nice model.
Unfortunately I don't like black colors.

bar stools

i have reduced the price from £89 to £69. happy buying