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no any good ways for a twleve year old to make money? Answered

I desperately need some cash so I can buy a canon FS100 video camera.


Try making a cookie/muffin stand or something. At first, you should charge double the exact amount it costs you to make a single muffin or cookie. To ensure that people will come back, try sneaking in a substance that is addictive into the cookies.


no it is a secret ingrediant it is your own recipe;-)

If you´re a bit brainy, you can start up your own browserbased game like I did, people will start buying stuff like Travian Plus or TribalWars Premium after a while!

Wow! (No pun intended) That is a good idea for those good with Flash and Python.

sorry dude, child labor laws.... go do chores for people

Yeah, I was going to start lifeguard training, (There are a lot of public pools in FL!), but they need you to be 14, so I wait. When I turn 14, the Red Cross bumps it up to 15. WTF?

I used to hold yard sales as a kid.  About 4 or 5 of us had a club, and we got neighbor's junk and cleaned out garages and stuff and sold it off about once a month for pocket money.  That is pretty much how the thrift shops make money.  Free donations=no cost.  Sell for cheap=lots of customers.  Total profit!  We paid for posterboard once for signs and reused them two or three times (until they got rained on).  We pretty much got paid for hanging out, and some ppl even paid us for helping them get their junk together!


8 years ago

Mow someone's lawn for an entire summer.

That's how I made $702 in a few months. Good luck!


9 years ago

When I was 11 I made HK$1200 (US$150) for selling collectable erasers. My secret was that I got them from Japan for 50 cents(US) and sold it for US$3.2. Maybe that will give you an idea...

Yup, chores is how I did it. However some other ideas are: -Paper route (great exercise!) -Babysitting (child minding) -Collect change from everywhere! -Work at McDonald's (they hire at 15 here in Canada) Good luck!

When I was around that age, I used to break up concrete. It is surprising satisfying even for us brainy folk. See if anyone needs some stairs taken out, or a driveway that needs a good whack. All you need is a good sledge and a prybar.

Rake leaves, wash cars, shovel snow, ask people what they need done, make and sell stuff. There's also an i'ble, linky Just see what needs to be done.