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no contests for me? Answered

I am really bummed that there are all these cool contests, especially in the food category and I can't enter because my husband works at Autodesk? Is this true?  He has nothing to do with Instructables.  We did enter the Halloween contest for employees but all of the instructables on food are mine and not his.  Do I need to get a divorce? ;-)


Hopefully Autodesk will be so happy with the turnout for the employee contest that they'll want to do more!

but I'm not an employee either - we entered the Halloween contest because it was a joint project. Can I enter employee contests on my own?

According to the official rules (Exclusions from Eligibility), you "may submit entries in the Contest, but any... entries are.... not eligible [as] finalists or winners"; in respect to the fact that your husband is an Autodesk employee (and Instructables is part of Autodesk). I could be wrong, but I think for legal reasons, all contests (from anywhere) exclude employees and family members from entering; with the exception of specific cases like the Autodesk Employees Contest.

You can email your questions/concerns with this rule to info@instructables.com or like you said, get a divorce (but then you'd have to kick him out too, because you'd both be in the same household... *sorry, I couldn't resist*).


Short version: it prevents accusations of favouritism.

I'm not an employee of AD at all, but while I was the AiR in August, I was allowed to enter anything I liked, but not to win it, because I was based in the same office as the contest admins.

Hahaha! I guess I will keep him then - moving is a pain ;-)