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no images? is it just me? Answered

I don't know if this is just me, but I have a lot of problems viewing instructables on my computer in Firefox 3. I don't remember when this started because I use my boyfriends computer a lot, and his has no trouble with it. Thumbnails, images in the instructables themselves, and background images don't show up. Some of the text of the site is white and i can't see it without the background images, unless I select it. (also there is no problem in IE) I have tried deleting the browser cache and I've looked through FAQs but haven't found anything which works.



9 years ago

Which pages aren't showing up with images? Can you submit some links and or screen shots of the problem to this thread? We'll do our best to get right on it once you describe your problem a bit more. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Beta image uploader doesn't work...or atleast it doesn't work on my computer with my images...

Thanks for looking into it. Any help is appreciated. I was sorta hoping it was a momentary glitch, but it doesn't seem to be fixing itself. This is by far my favorite website. I'm going to have to do my browsing from my shop computer now.

Almost all pages are showing up without images. There are a few images that will show up, but nothing within the instructable. See the attached screen shots. Thanks for the help.


Is this still happening to you on this computer?

Yup; haven't been able to figure it out. At this point I'm out of ideas.

yup, that's exactly what mine looks like. (i can only see it because I'm on someone else's computer.) The images on main title bar don't work, so you can see the "inbox" or "login" text. And no images within instructables show up.

Since I can't see images within the posts, I dont' know if my screen shots showed up.

I also have this problem as of about 10:00 CST on Feb 22. I don't believe I changed any setting.