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no prize :( Answered


I am so proud to say I won a prize for the Halloween contest. I won 2nd place in the costumes section.


Mine is the https://www.instructables.com/id/Lego-Man-Costume-for-kids/

Anyways, I never received the prize and I just spoke with the other winner and she got it shortly after winning. I have written to a few people about this but no one responds. Now I'm trying on the forum!




I've fed a few bananas to the shipping monkeys, expect a reply or prizes soon!

Can some of those bananas be fed to the monkeys on my behalf? I was one of the winners in the Scoochmaroo Challenge: Bling! on December 20th and I filled out the delivery details but haven't heard anything or found anything on my porch. I understand if it takes awhile longer but I just want to check that I don't need to track down a delivery person and start interrogations.

Me too! I won the grand prize for my picnic table in the Green Design Contest and haven't recieved it yet! I've sent a few emails but haven't heard back from anyone. Thanks!

Where did you send the emails to? Can you please email us at service@instructables.com with this request, along with your username. Thank you!

Hey Cenzi,

It looks like you didn't put a name into your address information which I'm sure is going to confuse the post office a bit. Your package may take a little longer due to the slightly incorrect labeling. If you don't receive it by Februray first, please email service@instructables.com for help.


A couple of things:

You should have gotten the prize notification by PM (private message in your YOU profile page). Or through whatever email your ibles account is set up for.

Then there is a second PM which is the prize acceptance link which takes you to a form to fill out your shipping address and contact info.

If that was done, then ible's HQ would have sent you a prize pack (t-shirt, patch) separately. They would have sent you a notification that it was sent out by priority mail/USPS tracking. The sponsor would have been notified to send you the camera, it most likely got shipped or ordered from someplace like Amazon. You don't get notified of the tracking for that so it just shows up one day.

That said, go back to the prize acceptance link to make sure all info was filled out correctly. And the big thing is, is it being shipped to an address outside of the U.S.A.? Contest rules are kinda iffy with that.

If this topic is slow to respond to by the staff, do a personal email to service@instructables.com to get it straightened out.

i got the shirt and a patch. And I am from outside of USA, Canada to be specific, but the contest rules are REALLY specific that only in Quebec it is not eligible.

I sent an email to service... to info.... to a couple other people but today I got three answers by posting in the forum, so this was a great move!!


Have you contacted Carlyy or Scoochmaroo?

If you have had no reply there, send an email to service@instructables.com