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no thumbs day Answered

Friday August 24,2007. i am declaring this no thumbs day! A day in which I will not use my thumbs. Whos with me?!(crickets chirping)


Or i could just do a good hard karate chop to the neck, but how would i dispose of the body-i cant tie the rubbish bag.

all you have to do is get rid of the head and hands and feet, and they cant ID the body. Hmmmm, but how to do that without thumbs........... suppose you had table saw, you don't need thumbs for that.........

AHH!! I will use a knuckle duster knife like they had in the war and then i will decapitate the victim and let them run away from the crime scene like a headless chicken-but what if they live, write down my name and reveal me? AHH! I will superglue his index finger to this thumb and then he cant use his finger write. MUHAHAHHAHA!!

but,wait,youcantuseyourthumbstousetheglue!!!!! Oh, hey, i can use my fingers to use the space bar.

remember its tommorow


10 years ago

erm ill try but that days my b-day how am i suposed to open cards? and eat cake

happy birthday! sorry i didn't get you a present =(

your fabulous guns are quite enough!

If I didn't have English and Chemistry classes tomorrow I might consider it...writing with no thumbs sounds like a difficult proposition.

I had a friend born without thumbs. Wasn't much he couldn't do. Most of the time, he used his first finger as a thumb.


Sorry, I have to feed my dog.

Sorry but I am going garage saleing and I have to play guitar hero