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non instructable instructable. My concern Answered

So in the last few days I have check out several instructables that have interested me only to find that they were not instructables but just Look here what I built. Instructables have been for years now a place to post how to do things not a repository of personal glory. If a person wishes to do that there are site set up just for that. Please instructables I know it is a big job but can you please start deleting these posts as they are less then helpful.


hm, but now this photo instructables don't work anymore, do they? I wanted to publish an instruction today (a really easy one which just includes glueing sth to sthelse - doesn't have to have too many pictures, I think), but I cannot as the page tells me it doesn't have enough pictures to be published... :(

Photo instructables were created specifically for folk to show off what they have made, without going through how they were made.

They are especially useful for new members, who already have projects they can show off, but no photos of how they did it, or for simple projects that can be made from a few images and a brief description.

If you don't want to look at them, check out the bottom-left corner of each thumbnail (see the screenshot). The small icon there tells you what sort of project it is. The icon that looks a little like a spread hand of cards means "photo instructable", so just avoid those.


Thanks for demystifying what that symbol means. Can you help me with the others, haha.

I also have an issue with Instructables that are simply an advertisement to buy the plans to make the item:
https://www.instructables.com/id/20-note-Street-Organ/ is an example.
This person is selling plans, not telling you how to make the item. Not fair.


5 years ago

I keep running into these as well. I subscribe through the RSS feed. Is there a way to tell through the RSS what type there are? I don't see the icons that tell me what type they are on the RSS feed.

What Kiteman said. I agree with you about not finding the photo I'bles very interesting, but they were specifically created to show stuff people have already completed (as opposed to step-by-step what they're doing now).

If you don't want your browsing of the site to be "polluted", bookmark this link:


That's what I use, instead of the main page.