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now that rock band 3 has been release i was wondering if i buy the midi adaptor cani make my ps3 drum kit compatible? Answered

i want to know if the midi adaptor can make my ps3 drum kit compatible with 360
and i enter to amazon and the weight of the item is 16pounds is that right?¿?


the midi kit takes a REAL MIDI input, not an existing rock band drum kit, and converts it to a game-controller compatible system input. I don't know if the midi kit is cross system compatible.

IF its just the midi converter, it should be about 100 grams. 16 pounds must be an instrument, not just the converter box...or an error.

so midi adaption is for a electronic drum kit not for an normal drum kit

Correct, you still need a midi source to use the midi box.

so midi adaption is for an electronic drum kit only