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nuclear power in developing countries Answered

im thinking of doing a project in a honors degree in college (level 8) on"is nuclear power in developing countries feasible"

i was wondering what are your opinions on this and is it worth doing?


Thanks for all the advice, i now have a much better idea of what areas i need to cover, at the moment i am current breaking down the chapters
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: history of nuclear power
Chapter 3:comparrison to other powers
Chapter 4:location of the plant and overview
Chapter 5:social and political consequences
Chapter 6:international consequences
Chapter 7:conclusion

if anyone feels i have left out anything or you feel i should include something let me know thanks.

In Chapter 3, are you planning to compare with other power generation options, or to discuss the different kinds of nuclear power plants?

in chapter 3 I am going to compare nuclear to energy alternatives like solar, wind etc. (comparison of power produced , cost, land area needed, life expectancy, efficiency etc.)

in chapter 2 i was going to include the different types of nuclear power plants

nuclear power in developing countries is predominately political, up chapter6 a bit,


Hmmmm....I think that's a matter of opinion (I believe the political and technical difficulties are about equal, for example). Which is why I think this fellow could produce a very interesting analysis, if he plays his cards right does his research :-)

Could you give an example of a developing country with a nuclear power program that had a minor political aspect?


I didn't say "minor." You suggest that the political issues are more important (predominate) than anything else. I believe the technical problems (construction, fuel transport, qualified/trained local staff) are about equal in importance to the politics.

However, if I wanted to be really snarky, I guess I'd say "France" :-)

:-P Told you I was being snarky. I figured an Anglophone would appreciate it :-)

I did appreciate it thanks.


Excellent! Thanks for explaining. This sounds like it could be an excellent review.

actually now that i think of it is there any good online poll sites so i can create one. this way i can get an idea of peoples feelings on nuclear power in a developing country?

What level is this project? Science fair? Undergrad honors thesis? Masters program? Ph.D. in international studies? White paper from the Hoover Institution?

Without more information, it's really hard to give you a concrete answer.

honors degree in college (level 8) sorry should have mentioned that

Okay; thanks! You can edit your topic text to include that information.

At the undergraduate level, an analysis and summary of the existing literature is generally adequate (you don't need to do primary research yourself!). Below, you'll find a lot of jargon; you should use those as search terms to guide your acquisition of material.

You'll need to look at what technologies are currently either available or in development for nuclear power generation (the recent work on encapsulated "microreactors" is extremely interesting!).

You'll need to research the issue of uranium enrichment and the associated military/political issues of "special nuclear materials" security, diversion, dual-use technology, and non-proliferation.

You will certainly want to include some discussion of oversight, governmental stability, and the broader international consequences of introducing a nuclear power program into a country with an unstable regime.

I was going to suggest about microreactors, they seem like a really interesting concept for set and forget power, both in remote places and as a more sustainable source of power, from what I've seen many of the designs user lower grade material.

They do seem like a very intriguing concept. They still have the waste vs. reprocessing dilemma as full-size reactors, but the quantity of material is much smaller.

The answer is "We can put a man on the moon...supposedly..." Does the author want to take a look at the question from a purely scientific and logistical standpoint or the other issues of social-political-economic feasibility. Much debate can stem from a simple question.

thanks for the advice and replies so far

i had also thought about how other countries could build the plant in a developing country and transport the power over.

good point there are many angles i could look at it

depends on if you want to save the world, save the human race, are they deserving, will others get jealous, will there be abuse of power. You've got a lot of people on this site that can offer an opinion once you've narrowed down your question(do you sense the particle-physicist and the bohemian young philosopher above? I'm just the regular guy on the street). Good luck.