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odd potato tree Answered

while traveling it israel i came across this strange tree and i just began called it a potato tree because it seemed to have green potatoes growing on it. so i have but one question for you all; What the hell is this!?!


Kigelia, common name "sausage tree" I believe it is native to south africa.

thanks wiki says "The fresh fruit is poisonous and strongly purgative; fruit are prepared for consumption by drying, roasting or fermentation" 

 thank god my friend who i dared to eat it didn't.

bummer though i was hoping it was from space...

Is it one of those, "The one time he didn't to me" sort of deals?

It's a strange tree, It's blocking the way.

It brings to mind a Farside cartoon.

I've tried googling for it, but failed.

It was along the lines of "Venus kid trap" - it was a tree with what looked like tyre swings, but turned out to be sticky bait.

Which in turn reminds ME of Charlie Brown and his Kite eating tree   LOL 

i found a ton of charlie brown books in the basement in a box labeled " (insert my dad's name here)'s childhood and they are really funny...