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oesday yoneanay eakspay iglatinpay? Answered

iay eednay omeonesay otay ranslatetay nay uructableinsay.


Iay amay orrysay. Iay oday otnay owknay ouryay anguagelay. OLLay!

iay ancay anslatetray isthay orfay ouyay!

ollay! Isthay isay ethay irstfay imetay veI'ay vereay eensay yoneanay eakspay igpay atinlay inay ublicpay.

esyay iay peacksay iglatinpay !!!!!!!

Wow, had no idea so many folks spoke this (pig latin) foreign language! LOL

hyway esyay iyay oday ybay hetay ayway isyay ityay esyay oryay yesyay ecausebay Y isyay ometimesay a owelvay

esyay, iay peaksay igpay atinlay.

Hyway otherbay?

BTW, why are you following me around? I got the e-mail notification...

I like to learn about experimental high-energy physics and you seem to know about it.

:-D Cool! You could start a new forum topic, or post something to my orange board if you like. There aren't very many particle-physics topics or Instructables around ;-)

Well, somebody got caught in the filters, didn't they? This comment just appeared in the past half hour or so.

That first link of yours is funny, but sad, too. Three quarters down the page, "How to seperate isotopes(Example: hydrogen and oxygen are isotopes of water(H20)." Ahem.

Yes. :| I don't understand why this keeps happening at all.

And such a great web design, to boot! (I probably should have been more explicit about that one being junk, though - our esteemed cephalopod vegetable might take it seriously...)

Wow, it's a great thing to do for a science fair... I'd love to build one one day.
Actually, this is providence. The cyclotron is almost exactly as old as I am ;)

?!? Ernest Lawrence invented the cyclotron in 1932; Gamow, Kurchatov, and somebody built the first Soviet one in 1937. If you're that old, I think maybe you got the digits reversed in your profile ;->

By THE cyclotron I meant THE cyclotron on the link, which was built in 1994-1995...

I went to the cyclotron page and just stared at it blankely then went to the mockup page and now know the it is electric fields that propel the particles. Science.

No. When you choose to randomly respond to a bunch of ancient and moribund topics, those topics appear on the front page of the browsing list. You're making yourself a target.

Well do you speak it?