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ok. my final fort question(s). What should i use to keep it up without tape,and how big should it be? Answered

I need answers by this saturday! ( may 1st, 2010) I am having a party and we are all going to hang out in there!


if you or your dad's a woodworker, use some clamps to hold it( the blanket ) up.

great idea!but i just use masking tape.this was after i published, so the tapes new

wat do u mean? ( my dad's a woodworker so i use clamps.)

Use a pole. I did and it is great support+ you might have to tape it down more if it starts to wiggle more than usual. I had mine up for 7 months :p


If you want to support stuff without tape, go to a boy scout shop and ask them how to tie knots to support stuff like a fort.  The size should be relative to how many people come to your party.  The more people that come, the bigger it should be.


8 years ago

Use string to keep it up, or maybe a large fan to blow on it to inflate it like a hot air balloon. It should probably be large enough to fit everyone at your party with lots of room to spare. I'm an expert on these things because my sister builds a new one once a week. Are you using it outside or in?

 i know you want to use only blankets but i suggest you use some chairs or part of your bed to give it the structural appeal but i agree with kcls use string but you will need to screw eye screws into your wal and ceiling for the fort to stay standing. have fun and remember MOUNTAIN DEW AND COOKIES


8 years ago

I do not know the situation but rope is good.


If you're all going to hang out in there, it should be big enough for all of you to hang out comfortably, and probably big enough to set up a board game or something like that.