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okay so i grasped my 450 degree curling iron and i cant tell how bad it is yet, should i go to the docter? Answered

red, swolen
pockets of air in it
cant move it
hurts like hell



You should ask the opinion of someone there at home with you first, they'll probably advise that you see a medical professional at the first practical opportunity.





6 years ago

First aid treatment for burns is to immediately put it into cold water. This minimizes the damage and stops the tissue destruction. To late for that if you didn't do it.

Second course of first aid is to take aspirin right away. It is not known why but aspirin can reduce the damage of sunburn and other first degree burns. It might have to do with the swelling of the tissues.

If its just your fingers and its only first and some second degree burns then the biggest threat is going to come when the wound opens up. Meaning that it can get infected. For that you might need treatment.

Why was it 450 degrees? That is hot enough to start fires.


This link gives good info on what degree burns are and how to respond to them.

See a doctor if:

* A first- or second-degree burn covers an area larger than 2 to 3 inches in diameter.
* The burn is on your face, over a major joint (such as the knee or shoulder), on the hands, feet or genitals.
* The burn is a third-degree burn, which requires immediate medical attention.

And here is another one.


If you're serious, yes. Yes you should o to the doctor.