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ok...so, say my door handle doesn't work...whats the easiest/cheapest way to fix it? Answered

i have a '93 buick that's experiencing some problems. the door handle doesn't work and the window doesn't work. help?


The door handle too? What's wrong with that in the way it doesn't work? You may well have to take the interior door-panel off this... L

Aparantely it doesn't run very well per another question. While you've got the panel off you can fix this also. It's just a mechanical linkage. You pull or push something that pulls a rod that trips a catch and the door opens. If you can figure out what the problems then you know what you have to do to fix it. If the linkage has just been disconnected then you can probably reconnect it to work. If the catch mechanism that actually latches the door closed is broken I would buy a replacement form the DEALER not a junk yard and install it. It is usually easy to fix the door after you have it open and can see the problem. Unless the problem with the door is that it is worn out and does not align with the latch pin anymore. Then the hinges have to be realigned.

ummm.......im mechanically challenged....soooooooo....nothing toooooooo technical.

Pick one problem. Start working on that problem. Take off a few parts that you thing might be keeping you from getting to the problem. As you take them off look carefully at how the are installed. You are going to have to put them back the same way they came off. It's good to maybe take a few pictures of the area you are working on as you go to document the parts in place. When you get to the problem you have to figure out what is wrong and either correct it by fixing the part or condition or installing new parts. Repairing the car is not usually too hard it's the diagnosing of the problem that is the most difficult part. When you think you have the problem fixed/part replaced you can start reinstalling the parts you took off. This is usually done in exactly the opposite order that you took them off in. It is not always necessary to take off every nut and bolt screw etc. Some things come off as a unit so that you can get under them to the good stuff. In the auto parts store they carry a line of "fix it youself" books about most models. I think Hilton or something like that is the name. It will tell you atleast the basic operation of fixing everything on your car. You need to go RIGHT NOW and pick up a copy for you 93 Buick. It even has some basic stuff for the beginner mechanic. Some one should have taught you some of this long ago. My 11 year old niece just finished putting together a plastic model of a V8 engine with working parts and only had to have just a little help.

well....can she drive it? I don't think so!

Well can you fix your car? I don't think so.

Do you have tools like screwdrivers & spanners and know how to use them? L

screwdrivers yes.......i know how 2 use em........but what the smack is a spanner?

You might want to seek professional help on this. You could fix it yourself. but people make a living out of knowing what to do with cars (and spanners) - support your local mechanics? L

yeah...but they also make a living out of taking my money you know.

A spanner is the British word for "wrench".

oh! why the smack can't they just say that! why do foreign people always try to confuse me!

wellllllllllllllll..........u have 2 like open it from the inside or it locks. if u don't close it all the way u have to pull the handle with insane strength. it's rather anoying...