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old Belarus 920 tractor? Answered

I am trying to disassemble the 3pl hydraulic ram.  the cap does not appear to be a screw on type. It has a circlip arrangement ad I thk it must jus pull apart???  can anyone help 



Hi My old 920 2wd PTO just stopped working , does ANYONE have some feedback as to why ??????

I can help but I need a good pic of the end, it is done a number of ways including clip and screw.

Some hydraulic rams open at the back end most open at the ram end.


Hi Joe.

I managed to work it out.

The cap was secured by an external retaining ring, when this was removed the ram cap then had to be tapped inwards where a second retaining ring needed to be removed to allow the withdrawal of the innards of the hydraulic ram.

Thanks Ray

Those little buggers think of something different every day I have seen that.

Is it standard seal size?


The cylinder was 115mm and the rod was 40mm the hydraulic shop I went to measured each o ring and seal to get the dimensions right and had to send away for them hopefully they will come today.

I am in Australia Central Qld the parts will need to come from Brisbane.


I live in Shelburne Ontario Canada.

I have to go two towns and ten villages over just to find something like that out and most of the time old equipment is in inches and the replacement part is in mm.