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work in progress *NEW pics added 10-29-10 Answered

thanks to zak baken mepain ooda an everyone else who helped come up with the countless mods and ideas that have helped make the TR what it has become... ive always wanted to make a sturdier stock but just never invested the time into making one so... now ive found out what works well and what look i like and have started going with it
don't mind the front/body of the gun cause it is not really a TR
anyway im going to keep working with the design and make it look all pretty and whatnot and hopefully get some more pics up for you all soon!
anyway enjoy and plz note the pics are just ideas and no where near the finished product

8-28-10 alright so here are the latest pics (pics4-5) i think it will look better with the TR series however it isn't as sturdy as the other designs but none the less it is still sturdier than previous models and strong enough to keep the gun aligned w/ 6 size 64 rubberbands cocked loaded and ready to fire (which btw is enough to shoot fin ammo clear past the 300ft mark)
im still working on it and have more models/designs on the way so i highly don't recommend building anything until i finish up but if you like experimenting around then shoot for it
anyway im going to get back to work and see what i can come up with
o ya btw i highly recommend using the wheels on the handle it is sooo comfortable

8-29-10 pics 7-10 so i modded up the handle again and reconfigured how the bottom rail attached to it... finally everything is aligned properly and everything seems to be holding strong. its still continually being worked on but i think im getting closer to finish product

12-29-10 its been awhile since ive worked on knex however i thought i should share a pic of the gun so far hence pic11 it is a TR w/ ratchet nice sturdy stock still allows for a slide if wanted "best handle ever" trigger that never fails sturdy as hek firing pin bla bla bla... long story short it is simply reliable as it is sexy ; P but seriously i have it set up for my TR8 turret or my chain mod which i will be posting up sooner than later or so i hope



7 years ago

i made the body of the tr8 with the 18shot turret. hereare some pics (taken w/my webcam. Hey KILLERK, is 2 #64s good enough you think, or should i add more.
everybody tell me what you think.

Picture 23.pngPicture 24.pngPicture 25.pngPicture 26.png

that doesn't look too bad lol very nice man take some more pics of how you mounted the turret an ill c if i can strengthen it up a bit thanks id appreciate it

i have alot of bend in it and its making it not work how can i fix the bend here is a picture

Picture 94.png

make it exactly the same as i have posted an the gun will work great... vary from my design an i can't guarantee it will work at all lol

btw it uses the standard tr18 mount no ratchet. everything else is from the tr8 including the trigger, handle and stock. the black stuff in the pics below is electrical tape for comfort

ok all pics are from my webcam fyi. you know how on the original tr18 the turret black rod is on the bottom of the white connectors? yeah i just letit there
btw is this ram ok it has etape on it

Picture 27.pngPicture 28.pngPicture 29.pngPicture 30.png

Add as many as you can comfortably without breaking the gun.

k will do. also wha do you think of my mod. i know its not much but ive never seen it done and it works welll

Looks fine. Also, is that turret system switched sides so the turret rotates left?

when i poin i a maself it rotates counterclockwise


7 years ago

You should add that stock to your TR18 so we all can see how it looks before we build it.

i did the exact same thing. here is mine:

Picture 34.png

Lol that picture was from a long time ago but that's awesome!

that picture?!?! that was taken in my living room yesterday wtf

No no no no mine! haha

btw what do you think of the stock? mind u it is just a incomplete prototype lol i guess what im asking is give me some pros and cons thanks!

It's really good, but I see you have a new picture.
I'll change it when I have the chance.

The one I have is pretty sturdy, But it doesn't look the best.
I like the new one more.

yeah the stock designs r still just a bunch of incomplete ideas but ill figure out which one i like the best for which gun you know... anyway the TR is also under reconstruction so different stocks will look better with the new designs

No, my friend lives like 20-30 minutes away from me and we don't get to see each other too much so it might be awhile.

I just made the new stock from 10-27-10, and it's pretty nice but I wish I had those tires. My friend will give me 4 he said :-)

not terrible but not great im going to continue to work on it... btw the which is better the TR8 or the 18?

I think the TR8 because it reloads faster and has the ratchet mod.

yeah me too and you can easily 'put' it away on your back in a knex war and get your side-arm or something...

they both have pros n cons so i was just curious i think im going to be working on the 8 some more for the first time in a long time

yeah i think that's ok... you can do a lot more turret mods with the 8 than the 18 i think...

Id have to say TR18 because it looks awesome and has a lot more shots for a war but I like them both.

Just imagine this with the TR18 turret.

Well it wouldn't be the same.
KILLERK is gonna add it to his TR18 sometime or another.

alright so i now have the bottom brace attached the same way only with out the blue rod threw the handle which helps keep everything aligned better... anyway the stock seems to hold up great with the wire stock which is good for several reasons
fewer pieces
easier make gun mods without major changes
adjustable guide rod
allows for slide to be mounted
and the list goes on
anyway its been fun working on all this and ill keep posting up pics when i get more done
as for the shotgun im really really hoping to work on it along side of my stock/TR project so hopefully that project will start coming along but honestly you never know what you'll end up with once you start working on ideas so anyway im going back to work just a little update for ya

I'm especially looking forward to the shotgun if it auto loads and shoots 100ft like you said it does. And also the chain mod, whatever that is.... I'm guessing that's going to be your train gun?

yeah im not so sure if ill post pics of the chain or not i got it working but its not exactly reliable yet
the rail/sling shotgun is still a concept meaning that the gun/ammo idea has taken several designs from shotgun to semi so its a matter of what i go with the shotgun idea is pretty cool tho an im still mostlikely going to continue to work on that

Like the tr in the first pic

I liked the old stock better (pic 3) than the one in pic 4.

its the same basic stock just without the bottom brace... its all still being worked out

Hey,what about your auto loading shotgun? You still working on that?

yes its always on the back of my mind so hopefully sooner than later