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old ipod screen? Answered

i have an old ipod screen that works? maybe it just comes up white the ipod had water damage but the screen truns on and off i thouught it mught just be the video aspect of the ipod anyways are there any good uses i would like to make a projecter out of it but i dont know if i can without the video of the ipod could i hook it up to an arduino or some other fancy smacy device and have it work i would hate to see it go to waste i have the rest of the ipod still and all is connected execpt the touch screen was broken while disassmbling but screen still works anyon eknow how to hook it up to something?


Just out of curiosity... what exactly are you "theexpert" on?

i am very unimaginative and this was the best i could do so deal with it

For someone that is asking for help you sound a little demanding and arrogant. We have a "be nice" policy in this site. If you continue with your attitude, your profile can be deleted. No one is obligated to help so try to be nicer next time.

and not on apple products those things baffle me

Just because the screen lights up doesn't mean it work. Sure the back lighting to it works but the actual LCD may not.

There isn't anything you can do with just the screen. You would need the special driver circuits from the iPod to make anything appear on the screen.

i have recently found that the screen does work but it will only flash if i put pressure on a very specific place on the wire and im hoping to be able to fix it to working order or something of the sort so if you hapen to know what is wrong and can tell me id be very grateful