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old laptop LCD display and HDsk Answered

I got an old laptop with motherboard not working but LCD display and HDsk is working? How can I use both of these components?


There is very little chance of you being able to use the display as a display.

It is one of the commonest questions on these boards but the interface between the body of the laptop and the screen is impossibly complicated and there are too many different types. (if only all laptop manufacturers used VGA between the body and the screen - but they don't). The best that you could do is take the screen apart and use the backlight as the bottom for a light-box. It is relatively easy to work out how to power the 'cold-cathode' invertor to light it up. You can also peel off the sheet of polariser material and so some interesting experiments with other LCD displays and use it to see the stress lines in polycarbonate plastic such as CD jewel cases.
Discard the glass sheet carefully since it contains some nasty chemicals (and it is made of glass).

The HDD is easy though - you can easily obtain adaptors to convert-up the connector so that you can use it in a desktop PC. Alternatively you can buy an external Hard Drive enclosure without the drive and then you can put your drive into it.

Find another identical / near identical laptop that needs a replacement screen and HDD - put them in that. You might have to find one on Ebay or similar, but if you get a working machine out of it you should cover your costs.


using the lcd might be near impossible without a working motherboard.

The hdd will be compatible with other disk applications that use the same connector.  Otherwise - do a hdd diy ible like ...all the crap you see on here :D 

The lcd backlight will be good for a tracing table.