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old portable dvd player, using the screen Answered

I have a few broken portable dvd players. Is it possible to re-use the screens? I want to take them and put them in a vehicle, but I don't have any clue as to how to rewire them.


actually i want to just use the screen, perhaps to mount in the head rest, arm rest, ect. there are three wires coming from the screen, and the fragile little brown strip from the bottom.


10 years ago

I plucked a broken DVD player from a dumpster, and the screen works fine from the video input. In my case, there's a physical switch to change the "video" jack between input/output, which is a good thing, because the SETUP menus where such configs have also been known to hide is not in english on this unit!

well, is just the dvd drive broekn? Cause you could use the video input.