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old printer controller board Answered

Hi, i have been looking around allot on how to use a old printer control board that houses the surface mounted micro controller, I want to control various motors with it.

i was wondering how do i go about programming the board or sending commands to it from the computer?

the board connects with usb ther is one of those kind of square usb slots on the board.


I would start by trying to identify the microcontroller chip; hopefully it is a commodity chip that you can find the specs for (i.e., instruction set, pinoutst, etc). If so, find out how to directly interface a programmer to the chip, probably via something like JTAG, SPI, or maybe even a regular TTL serial port. The PC board may have solder pads to do this already (they do this sometimes for maintenance/debugging purposes), or you may have to solder wires directly to the microcontroller pins.

If you make it that far and can communicate with the microcontroller, then the real fun begins: reverse-engineering it to see which pins control which features of the PCB (like the motors, sensors, etc).


5 years ago

there is no way of flashing it or something so that i can put my own code in?

It's pretty likely that is a proprietary programmed chip for the manufacturer of that printer. Unless you know how to decipher the printer drivers for the computer operating system that goes along with it you won't even have a chance of addressing it directly.