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old sensor? Answered

Rooted again dad leftover electronics and finding some relays and sensors that goes on the + - singnal.so I'm just wondering if you can connect it to an Arduino so when Arduinon may singnal'll send it out + through port 13? and if it goes so PLZ write a code


The second to last is obviously a relay. As noted already, it's an industrial part.

I have no idea what the display input is. Voltage? Current? Frequency? etc?

the fourth pic is presumably the adjustment (gain and span most likely) for the second and third pics.

the 5th & 6th pics show a light source for the 7th, 8th, and 9th pics, which is the photo interrupter that goes with the light source, and the following pic *seems to be the electrical connections for the interrupter.

. The WL18 looks like it's a V-to-I (E-to-I) converter. 10-30VDC in,0-0.1A out.
. Last two pics are relays (or is that two pics of the same relay?).
. They all look like industrial control parts, but I would be afraid to even guess what the rest are.

In general, you'd have to find a model number on it and get the manufacturer's data to figure out how to interface to these. Or rip them apart and deduce the circuit from first principles.

The first appears to be a display, counter, or meter of some sort.

The next to last appears to be a relay. Apply 24V to the coil, and the switch closes to connect the output terminals to each other.

The one before it appears to be a power supply, judging from how it's labelled.

For the others... No good guesses. It might help if we knew what these parts were taken out of.