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old stills ? ? Answered

i have my great great grandpas still and im sure it was put together lead solder .my dad has drank out of this still and he is still with me.do i leave it alone or replace it



5 years ago

If they don't leak Leave it alone !
There are all sorts of crud there covering the lead
You have to consume lead as a per-teenager to have it harm you..
Even then you would have to ingest half a gram per day per months
to be damaging your body.


+1 ...... If the shirt fits, wear it!

Hard to say... Lead is something that can build up in your system over time (its not something that your body can remove naturally). Its generally more harmful to children because their bodies are smaller (obviously) and they tend to put everything in their mouths, (which is why lead paint became a huge concern). There are however many older homes with old lead pipes and unless they are releasing harmful levels into the water, they can be left alone. I would suggest getting a lead test kit (Home Depot and other home improvement stores should have them) and confirm if the solder was lead or not. If you can also get a kit that allows you to test liquids (and not just a contact test with the suspect metal), you can get some idea on whether or not the levels are something you should be concerned with. That is how I would base the decision to replace the solder or not. 

I hope that helps. :-)

Right, afaik lead isn't water (or alcohol) soluble - so long as you're not running any acids through, none of the lead *should* dissolve into the water.

Acid! have you tried moonshine?? Takes the rubber of the wheels of your car.

No, lead is secreted by the body. The physiological half-life, in the bones, which is the longest , is around 10 years.

I drink stuff cooked up in a friends still. I'm pretty sure it has lead solder in some of the joints. If we're not worried about drinking moonshine why worry about a little lead. ;P

I built a great many PCBs  ( easily 1200+ over the last 52 years )
all of it  tin lead  without a vent hood and only a suck away fan in the
last decade and I have NO heavy metal symptoms or traces in my
monthly blood test ( another medical reason )

About Solder
Hospitals, the military and I  all Hate lead free solder it cracks,
it ages in two weeks, it is hard to tin a tip, it is Bad News.

Avoid it unless you have to sell to the government overly-protected 
abused consumers.

I have been using tin-lead solder over 50 say 52 years and

NO :-Politicians  have not made me ill or Lead poisoned me in any way..  :)



Not much info about WHY Lead is bad for children.

Here I defer to my wife who is a retired teacher.
Possible complications include :
  • Behavior or attention deficit problems
  • Failure at school
  • Hearing problems
  • Reduced IQ
  • Slowed body growth smaller in class stature to classmates.