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on facebook, the bio text shows up instead of topic text for an instructable link Answered

when I past a link to an instructable in a facebook post
I want the text snippet to come from that instructable. Instead it grabs text from my bio
I care because using facebook doubles the number of subscribers I have.

for instance: here's what shows up in the facebook post

Jackhammer Headphones
Tim Anderson is the author of the "Heirloom Technology" column in Make Magazine. He is co-founder of www.zcorp.com, manufacturers of "3D Printer" output devices. His detailed draw...


Or maybe not. Sometimes it does it and sometimes not.
Sometimes it only shoes the robot logo

Looks like it got fixed! progress goes the right way sometimes!

when u post a url in a face book post it will auctomaticaly generate a preview for you and every one to see just click exit out of the link box and it will not show that any more

That's the first bit o'text on the page, turn off the author profile is the only fix I can think of. L