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on my halo helmet I used to much bondo and it's way to thick, sanding can only do so much. What should I do now? Answered




7 years ago

Why not just sand it down until it's smooth and the make a mold! With the mold you can make an easy lightweight plastic cast! You can make it sturdier by adding Expanded poly-styrene! It would be like a bike helmet!!!!

Halo, Speckin se Deutche?

If you want to do it by hand, I would suggest a vixen file  or surform tool.
You  can find them on EBAY.

If you really want a quick and dirty rasp , you can easily make one.
It's an old trick:
Take a piece of sheet metal and punch holes all over it with a nail.The surface of the other side will then be really rough where the nail punched through the metal.
You can vary the coursness of the rasp by how far you punch the nail through
the metal.
When you have all the holes punched,you can fasten the sheet metal to
a stick and have yourself a homemade rasp. Bend the sheet metal  around
a stick or dowel to make a round rasp.
Just how old is this trick?  Well , I  was in a museum in Chicago, and
there was an ancient artifact display from Egypt. And there it was: a piece
of perforated copper sheet wrapped around a stick.............

Wow....I had no idea they were that old. seriously. how cool is that!

Better than a standard rasp too, since it doesn't clog as easily.

Now, that begs the question...Is this where the cheese grater came from?

The thing to do with this (I assume that it's styrene / epoxy of some kind) is to wait until it's only just set and then hack at it with a knife. If it's hard and solid (hmm) power-tools?


FYI Bondo is a kind of (what we would know as) filler.

I know that much - styrene or epoxy?


Epoxy like.  Use to fill dents in car fenders.

Use a rasp (a rasp is a type of file used to remove large amounts of material) to remove bulk material, then use sandpaper to smooth it.

Power file ? Belt sander ? Angle grinder with grit disc ?