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ooga horn?I have a ooga horn that my father (deceased) always had in his cars.How can I make it work using electicity? Answered

I would like to use this horn in my backyard as a Get Out of Pool noise or backdoor door bell.My father would blow this horn to call my brothers and me home at night (no cell phones back then) just a funny redneck dad calling three kids home at night. I would really like to hear it again.


It looks like you have your answers - when you get it working, make a recording and post it in a forum topic...

(the wonders of the internet...)
You need a good 12V supply, and some wires and a switch I guess.
Have you got a spare computer PSU kicking about, any switches & wire?



8 years ago

First determine if it is 6v or 12v. Some of the really old horns were made for vehicles with a 6 volt system. After you determine the appropriate voltage, any good DC power source of the right voltage and with sufficient amperage can power it (a battery or an automotive battery charger will do.) Connect the power source, negative to negative, positive to positive. There may be only one power wire for the horn, in which case the metal chassis of the horn will be the negative (ground) and the wire will be the positive lead. Enjoy!

I'll bet you're going to tell us it's manual. If so then we need to know how it works on manual. But if it's battery then try 6 volts. If that doesn't work reverse the connections. Lots of cars were positive ground until sometime in the 40's or 50's. If that doesn't work try 12 volts both ways. If neither work then it's broken.