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optical pulse oximeter Answered

Hello everybody,
I have a big problem.
I want to do for the optical pulse oximeter project was a link posted here.
 I need the code and the circuit diagram in there to do the project.
this is an emergency.
can you help me please?
Can you at least provide me access to people who share the project's e-mail address?
thank you and I am waiting for your help.
my e-mail adress: merveebudakk@gmail.com


thanks for your idea and backing but this project is important for me because i will present my capstone project in school and this link(https://www.instructables.com/id/Pulse-Oximetry/?ALLSTEPS) is in this site nearly 2 month ago. But now i can not find. who has got this project? how can i find? can u help me?

Your best first step is to have a look through the projects that are available - it is very possible that one of them is an updated or improved version of the project that has been removed.

Second, try searching the Web in general for phrases from the project, or for any images you may have downloaded.

Finally, in extremis, you can contact the site (service@instructables.com) and ask if they can pass your request on to the author for you. They may be able to tell you the author's username if they are still a member, but they will not be able to give you their email or other contact details for reasons of data protection.

how can i contact the site? sorry i did not understand this (service@instructables.com). can i send a mail? or can i contact in this web site?

"service@instructables.com" is the email address to contact the site, but try the other two options first.

If you know who the author was you can contact him / her.
Otherwise you might have to settle with one of the other oximeter ibles.
It is quite possible that the ible was removed for an update with a different name or the author decided to remove it completely.

Unfortunately, I do not know who she/he is. maybe there is someone who sees me or the owner of the project? Is there anything that can be done? because I need to find PULSE OXIMETER project and I need help. Thanks...

There are plenty of others too choose from if you not already started building.
Like this one...