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oschene - The Spiral Data Tato -- A Curiously Complex Origami CD Case - Universal Laser Cutter Finalist! Answered

To see who won the VersaLaser, read the announcementhere.

oschene was a finalist in the 2008 Instructables and Universal Laser Cutter Contest for:
The Spiral Data Tato -- A Curiously Complex Origami CD Case

Should this project win the grand prize VersaLaser laser cutter package from Universal Laser worth over $15,000? Help us judge the contest by rating this forum post! Audience votes will count for 20% of the total. Check out all the finalists, and vote for your favorites!

This is a forum post created by the Instructables staff on behalf of the finalist.

First of all, let me express my delight to be included in such a group. That something as ephemeral as an origami model should be considered alongside phaser pistols and solar furnaces is, to my mind, an accomplishment in itself and speaks to the breadth of interest of those who belong to this site.

What would I do with a laser cutter?. Well, after cutting my initials into every metal object in the house, I would use it to score crease patterns. That sounds not so interesting, hunh? I am a paper folder and I have been investigating curved folds and twist folds in the past few years. Laser scoring makes it possible to dream up and realize models in minutes that might otherwise take hours and hours of precreasing. Perhaps more importantly, you'd be able to identify a blind alley almost immediately. There are things out there on the developable surface you'd be amazed to see -- well, I'm always amazed -- and the ability to laser score these ideas as they come would be extremely freeing.

You know, unlike every other schnook in the modern world, I maintain a blog -- come visit me and learn the ways of Open Source Origami. (I'm not the only one, you know -- there's lots of us and the idea is spreading.)



10 years ago

I like very much this practic thing :Origami CD case. I love origami, and in my opinion it is an excellent way to deconection from stress,to develope your practic intelligence and memory...


10 years ago

Contest's almost over, I think you deserve at least one comment before it's done. If anything you've opened my eyes to the possibilities of opensourced object creation. Open sourced magic tricks, knitting patterns... This culture of sharing is really helping the awesome. I'm a bit twitchy to crease so carefully, but I'm glad you did, the stuff you have here is really beautiful. -bg