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outdoor steps down a steep slope cheap Answered

steps down a slope so that we don't have to cut grass there, and also we have a tendency to slide down it!!! this area is near our back porch is flat for app. 4 feet then drops about 6foot over another 8-10 foot area. want to do this cheap but looks nice. we have 6-8 concrete pavers now and several smaller pavers


As Kitman states, using two posts with a board is a very easy way to do this. I have had to make steps on a number of occasions when building trials, such as on my eagle project. Most of these times, we have used logs approximately five inches in diameter and cut to the wanted length for the step. Then, drive two stakes in on the down hill side. The stakes should be at least two feet long, and only the smallest amount should be left above ground. This helps the stakes from being washed away by the erosion. A wooden board would work almost exactly the same. Make sure that you use treated lumber so it does not rot away. Make sure that the steps are not perfectly flat. They should have about a five percent grade, so that the water can run off.

What width and thickness stakes did you use, please? I am trying to tame the weed-infested hillside in my new back yard, but it's too steep to safely work on. Steps would be a start!

In the UK, many footpaths are eroded by tourists' feet. On steep slopes, they prevent the erosion by adding steps to stop people sliding down the path. The steps are very simple - Two posts are driven into the ground near each side of the path, and a board is rested across the path on the uphill side of the boards. Roughly level the path between each step, flush with the top of the board, and you have a set of steps that moulds into the hillside.

If you orient the steps diagonally down the hill, they will form a shallower slope than if the steps go straight down. Picture a long winding road that goes gradually up a mountainside. Have you considered terracing the hillside with treated lumber such as railroad ties?

Get a shovel, dig out some steps in the hill and reinforce them with the pavers?