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output wattage calculation? Answered

hey guys i have a 1100uf capacitor bank at 425V and the charge time is 30 sec does anyone know how to calculate the output wattage if the input voltage from the dc-dc converter is 12V at 3A ?
thanks for all you answers :D


The output "wattage" depends on the discharge time. The output energy can be calculated from the data you've provided, since it is equal to the input energy: 12V × 3A × 30s = 1.08 kJ.

ooh i see what information do i need to calculate it then??
thanks for your help

I wrote, "The output "wattage" depends on the discharge time." So you need to know the time it takes your capacitors to discharge. Follow the link, and you'll see how to use that information to do the calculation.