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painting a concrete garage floor? Answered



4 years ago

It would help knowing if this is for indoor or outdoor use but I'll give you a generic answer.
First, you'll want to be sure use a paint made specifically for concrete and that's imperative. Talk to the sales clerk, ask questions and then read the instructions.
Next is prepping the concrete:
Patch any cracks or chips in the concrete
If its a small area, scrape the floor thoroughly to remove any debris stuck to the concrete; paint, glue, chewing gum, etc. Then sand the floor several times with a pole sander.
If its a large area, rent a power sander.
VERY IMPORTANT! You must then scrupulously clean the concrete. Sweep, vacuum and then damp mop.
Let the concrete dry completely. Apply the paint following the manufacturer’s instructions with a short nap (3/8") paint roller. Let dry, then apply an appropriate top coat.
It will last for years if done properly, or it could fail in a month or two if done improperly.

Also, don't put anything rubber-like down on it if you take shortcuts (like don't sand). Ironing board feet, exercise equipment feet, etc can grab the paint and peel it right off... speaking from experience.

You don't paint it you stain it. Look for concrete stains.