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partial; capos Answered

does anyone have any ideas about capos that make open chords on a guitar. It would open alternative tunings for old folkies like me


. Not sure exactly what you mean. Are you talking about a capo (something to "fret" all strings at the same fret position) or something that will make a chord? I've seen quite a few capo designs - from a simple metal bar with an elastic strap to rather complex clamp-on models.
. Try Googling capo guitar.

i mean the complex ones that make a chord shape which leaves the guitarist open to do fingerstyles. I have never seen one and wondered why

well nvm... its not what you are looking for. your looking for one that does chord shapes not just some strings. i guess you could tune your guitar to an open chord and use it?

ah thats the problem..It would be great to be able to alternate the tuning by having a capo that i just put on. The other alternative is to have other guitars that i have pre-tuned. Tuning in the middkle of a session is dodgy, especially if i have a few Guinness on board (hic)

. A decent tuning meter will put you spot on in just a few seconds. I can tune a guitar to itself easy enough, but it is impossible for me to get the proper pitch without a tuner. Depending on how fancy a tuner you want/need, you should be able to build it yourself.
. That said, the "third hand" rig should work just fine (assuming it's built well).

leaving the forum..Thanks for helping a newbie out guys.. Ill go and cry myself to sleep and think of more stuff to annoy you all with.

. LOL Love that pencil-and-rubber-band one.

Yeah, on most guitars that rubber band would have to be pretty strong I would assume. :-)

. Most electric players use light gauge strings that aren't too bad, but an acoustic, with heavy strings, especially at the first fret, can be difficult. I'd be more worried about the pencil breaking. :)

True....& sorry, (believe it or not) I am totally unfamiliar with electric guitars. I have only made my fingers bleed with an acoustic :-)

i have a pencil... and a rubber band... and i need a capo...

yes i mean those thigs..but if the capo makes a chord shape on a standard tuned guitar instead of just shortening all the strings equally it leaves the guitasrist open for fingerstyles based around the chord that the capo makes. Partial capo stopping some strings and not others

This is very heartbreaking ...I just looked at the Third hand capo site (Thanks oogitsmelol). The drawings i made up, are exactly,Identical to their ones.. Now aint that a kick in the bum?

Ah Feck! (as we say in ireland) Thatis exactly waht i meant. Damn I thought i had invented a completely new way of working my old guitar to play traditional irish music thereon...