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pasting from MS Word does weird things Answered

i had an article i had written in MS word.  i pasted chunks into the instructables 'pro' editor.  formatting very strange.  clicking 'source' shows tons of microsoft html garbage.  then instructables editor seems to ignore most of the microsoft html, but it still is there.  hopefully not causing any big problems with this.


I know that when you copy a section of a word document, it takes all of the font/text/paragraph/tab/etc settings. If you just want to paste plain text in:

Open in word, copy text you want to use
Open up notepad (windows) or text edit (mac), paste copied text here.
Highlight and copy the text you just pasted into text edit or notepad
Paste newly copied text into anything you want.

Pasting into a plain text editor strips all of the formatting options that word adds to a document.  When you paste, the plain text editor removes all the fluff that MS adds into it, and when you copy from there, all that fluff has already been removed.

Did you paste into the "Rich Editor" (with all the markup buttons), or the broken default "plain text" editor? The latter can't handle anything other than keyboard characters properly.

When you did the paste, did you use the special button with the "W", or did you just use Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V?


This was pasted from Word using the Paste from Word button

and the next is just cut and paste

This was pasted from Word using just command-v button.

Can't tell in preview but I think they might just show up as those undefined characters you see in your comment list.