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pedestal charcoal grill from 250gal fuel oil drum? Answered



Best Answer 8 years ago

Sounds more like a pig roaster : )

Make sure you clean the oil out, and the paint off, before trying to grill anything.  A large bonfire maybe?

Simplest would be to cut the end off at the height you want the bottom of the grill at, then cut a second strip off as high as you want the sides of the fire chamber, and cut the other end off to make a top.  Several large holes in the bottom of the fire chamber (and in the outside of the bottom piece) will give the fire some air-probably need more than the original inlets, though.  You will need some kind of smoke hole in the top, as well.  Couple of tabs to hold the grill surface, and some kind of grate to hold up the fire maybe, depending on how you like to cook : )

Sounds like a big welding project-lots of welding sheet metal.  Could be done with screws or bolts as well.

took me a while to get back to you, but thanks so much for the info. Our small community center is trying to make a couple of grills for our park. We have oil drum , workers and little money - hence the question. Britt