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pee power: anyone here tried electrolysis of urine to produce hydrogen? Answered

A few days back I read an article on this. just google.


How about just posting a link?

I'm kinda meh about it. It's true that there's alot of contaminates in urine, but the bigger issue is the conversion from urine (specifically urea) into more reactive chemical species like Nitric Acid. Striping the hydrogen away from Nitric acid doesn't make it any less reactive either (quite the opposite actually). Charcoal and heated water are a better catalyst for producing hydrogen.

I'm guessing that the urine would have to be concentrated before a useful amount of hydrogen could be produced from a convenient amount of raw material. Plus, there is a strong possibility that the "special nickel electrode" could easily become contaminated by other chemicals in the urine. Still, it's a promising development.