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people with an imagination only need apply Answered

i was making a speaker and the cut i was doing came out wrong so i managed to salvage them by changing the cut on the tube
any ideas what to do with them not to fussed about making a bass tube any more
so people any ideas knowing me il just make more speakers..
iv got coloured strip lights, glass, wood,leds,strobe,rope light,mirror ball motor,speakers but you know that already, the tubes are 315mm dia   


Is that gas-pipe?


yes its amazing what you end up with after a night on the beer (it was about 12ft long and i dont remember how it got there lol)

Ha ha etc. - that's a quality-steal.


Dear Andybuda, Not much imagination here but I think that they would make good, outdoor plant pots, especially with blue flowers to contrast the yellow. Or maybe floorlamp uplighters, in the corner with the high part facing outwards to shield the bulb. FOH (I'm not sure why but the editor keeps removing all the spaces from my answers; maybe it worked ok this time.)


like what you did with the flowers, dont think i will keep them yellow though thanks for your suggestions though, when the two spirals are put together it does give a nice slice through the tubes so might keep them apart by an inch and put a light inside and carpet or paint ... still undecided iv got a load of leds so could make teeth sort of thing in the spiral gap

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OK, thank you.

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i have speaker carpet aswel so they dont stay yellow or might sand and paint any way some speakers i made earlier the two vertical tube contains 10" subs with there own sub amp the horizontal tune rotates 90 degrees to give large or small port for sub 1x8"bass for punch bass 2x4" fullrange/ mid and dome tweeter...

andy 2 pics 034.jpgandy 2 pics 035.jpgandy 2 pics 036.jpgandy 2 pics 037.jpg

Hang them upside down as light fixtures.

Graft them to longer tubes of different lengths and paint to match your decor and use them as sculpture.

Put a padded bottom in them as arty chairs.

Planters for the patio/

Recycle them.